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FREE 15,000!!! for All Agents

Apart from your weekly commission, with effect from 14th Sept, we will give you N5,000 every Tuesdays to familiarize yourself with the new shop website. You may give your customers free bets to retain them.

1. On 14th, get an extra 5k if you sell 150 tickets or more with at least N30,000 sales on Sportsbet from 7th to 13 Sept. (PAID)

2. On the 22nd, get an extra 5k if you sell 250 tickets with at least N45,000 sales on Sportsbet from 15th to 21st Sept. (PAID)

3. On the 29th, get an extra 5k if you sell 500 tickets with at least N85,000 sales on Sportsbet from 22nd to 28th.

Our aim is to serve you better. We plead that you use this platform for at least one month before you complain as we are introducing a lot of new features very soon.

Thank You for your usual cooperation

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