1. Can I use another bank account to receive money?

No. Agents can only withdraw to his/her registered bank account on accessBET upon registration bearing his/her names only.


  1. How can I change my shop manager account password?

Login to your Manager account  click on update details. You can change your password. Passwords must contain more than 5 characters including at least a capital letter, small letter and numbers. If you are still finding it difficult to change your Password, kindly send a mail to [email protected] requesting for password reset of your manager account.


  1. How can I change my cashier account password?

Go to your accessBET Cashier App, click on File then select the option change email/password/name. Fill all your information appropriately. Kindly send a mail to [email protected] for password reset alternatively if you still find it difficult to rest your Cashier App password.


  1. I want to transfer ownership of my account to another agent.

Kindly send a mail with the Names and bank details of the new agent to [email protected] or [email protected] stating the reasons for change of ownership and attach any valid means of identification of the new agent. i.e National identity Card, Voter’s Card, Driver’s license or international passport.


  1. What day of the week are commissions paid in accessBET?

Commissions are paid on Tuesdays every week. NB. Commissions are paid on settled tickets.


  1. How do I credit my online customers?

You can fund online customers by clicking online customer top up on the shop manager account or online credit under credit online customers on the cashier app.


  1. Do accessBET pay fuel money to her Agents?

Yes we do. All agents of accessBET playing virtual in their shops are entitled to get weekly bonus and fuel money. This is paid alongside with weekly commission every Tuesday.


  1. Where do I see all my registered online customers?

You can check your registered online customers by clicking on the sales report on the shop manager account. In users, you see all players registered under your shop, and can also check their individual reports.


  1. How do I check my weekly commission?

You can check your weekly commission, by clicking on shop commission on the shop manager account, set period from and period to, and select the shop, then Submit. It’s advisable to select Monday from the previous week to the current Tuesday to have an accurate report.


  1. How do I check my total sales for the week?

Log in to your Manager’s account, click on sales report set period from and period to and select  All . Select either Sportbet or Virtuals or both then submit and your info displays.


  1. How do I get my deposit details

Log in to your Managers account, click on Deposit history. set period from and period to and click on Submit. All information concerning deposit/ transaction displays showing the Deposit ID, Username, Transfer name, Amount, Request date, Acceptance date and Status


  1. How do I get my withdrawal details?

Log in to your Managers account and  Select withdrawal history set period from and period to and click on Submit. All information concerning withdrawal for that day displays showing the withdrawal ID, Username, Account Number, Account owner name, Transfer Name, Amount, Request Date, Acceptance date Comment and Status.


  1. How often do I need to update my cashier App?

accessBET Cashier App is needs to be updated when there is availability of a latest version. When there’s a new version the initial one becomes outdated this will require you updating to a latest version. All agents will be notified to update their cashier when there’s a new version.


  1. Why is my cashier App showing dead

The strength of your network determines the activeness of your cashier App. When it shows Dead it means your network is completely down, poor or the computer is not connected to a network.

A quick solution is to either switch to a different network, disconnect and reconnect your network, change the position of your WIFI or restart your system to reconnect with your WiFi network. In cases where Mobile phones are used as a source of internet, ensure you are not always on constant phone calls as this will disrupt the network connection making it display a DEAD signal.


  1. What is the percentage commission I will get from my online customers?

As an agent of accessBET When you register any online player from your shop account you get the same commissions (sport and virtual) on them as you get from shop customers. 


  1. How long does withdrawal take?

Withdrawal on accessBET is processed instantly and almost immediately within 5 minutes. should you notice any delay contact our support us


  1. Why is my withdrawal reversed or pending?

Your withdrawal request can be reserved if you are withdrawing below the minimum withdrawable amount of N5000 as an agent or withdrawing on deposit. 


  1. How Do I get trained as a new agent?

To Learn about accessBET Games and how to play them. Kindly visit our tutorial page on Or you can call the following numbers to schedule a time for training in areas you wish to be trained. +234 906 000 9136, +234 903 319 9991, +234 806 111 6454


  1. Can I make deposit into my manager account from any POS vendor?

Yes you can, fast and simple.

Login to your Manager account, click on BANK DETAILS copy and take the account details shown to the nearest POS vendor. The Value of the amount sent through POS will reflect in your manager account immediately.